Shuttle Palenque to Flores Island

Travel from Palenque to Flores Island in comfort with our air-conditioned shuttle. Bring water, snacks, and your passport for an international adventure.


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About this activity

This service offers a practical solution for travelers journeying from Palenque, Mexico, to Flores Island in Guatemala. The international shared shuttle departs every day from central hotels and hostels in Palenque at 9:00 AM and arrives in Flores Petén, Guatemala, at approximately 3:00 PM. Travelers should be prepared with valid passports and the FMM form required for exiting Mexico.

The route is straightforward and efficient, providing a reliable transport option for international travelers. The shuttle includes air conditioning to ensure a pleasant trip. Throughout the journey, it’s recommended that passengers bring water and small snacks to stay refreshed.

Each traveler is allowed one handbag, with additional costs for extra luggage such as bikes and surfboards. Upon reaching Flores Petén, passengers are dropped off at the Yo amo Petén sign, a convenient and recognizable location on Flores Island.

This shuttle service makes international travel uncomplicated, removing the stress of border crossings and transport logistics. It’s ideal for budget-conscious travelers seeking an efficient and well-organized mode of transport between these two culturally rich and historically significant destinations. Passengers should cancel at least 48 hours in advance if plans change. Pets are not allowed on this shuttle.

Activity highlights
Type of activity

International Shared Shuttle


Every day

Start time

9:00 AM

Estimated duration (hrs.)

6.0 Hours

Door to door service?


Departure locations

Palenque Mexico

Arrival locations

Flores Petén Guatemala


Air conditioning

What to bring

Water,Small snacks

Luggage allowance

1 handbag

Extra luggage policy

Bike Q 250,Surfboard Q 250,Additional backpack Q75

Pet policy

Not allowed

Cancellation policy

Changes or cancellations can be made up to 48 hours before departure

Required travel documents

Valid Passport,FMM for Exiting Mexico

Estimated border fees (Not included)

Normally there are no border taxes on this route

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