Shuttle Guatemala city to Copan Ruins

Shuttle Guatemala City to Copan Ruins: Enjoy hassle-free travel with AC, meal stops, and border assistance. Book your adventure today!


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About this activity

This service offers an efficient shuttle between Guatemala City and Copan Ruins, operating daily. Departing at 4:00 AM, travelers reach Copan Ruins by 12:00 PM. Key features include air conditioning, a breakfast stop, border assistance, and the ability to bring small pets for an additional fee. Luggage allowances and extra charges for items like surfboards or bikes apply. Be prepared with travel documents such as a valid passport and CA4 visa. Enjoy hassle-free border crossing and a practical travel option.

Activity highlights
Type of activity

International Shared Shuttle


Every day

Start time

4:00 AM

Estimated duration (hrs.)

7.0 Hours

Door to door service?


Departure locations

Guatemala City

Arrival locations

Copan Ruins Honduras


Air conditioning


Border Assistance


Breakfast stop

What to bring

small snacks



Luggage allowance

1 backpack or Suitcase


1 handbag

Extra luggage policy

Additional backpack US$ 20.00


Bike US$ 20.00


Surfboard US$15.00

Pet policy

Allowed small pets only, the price to carry a pet is one seat price.

Cancellation policy

Changes or cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before departure

Required travel documents

Valid CA4 Visa


Valid Passport


Yellow fever card

Estimated border fees (Not included)

You will need to pay $3 – $5 per person.