Shuttle from Boquete to Bocas del Toro

Seamless Shuttle from Boquete to Bocas del Toro: Enjoy a smooth ride with water taxi, rest stop, and air conditioning included. Perfect for everyday travel.


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About this activity

This service offers a practical and convenient shuttle transport from Boquete to Bocas del Toro, available every day. The journey begins at a single meeting point in Boquete Panama at 8:15 AM. Travelers should bring water and small snacks to enhance their travel experience. The shuttle includes a rest stop and a water taxi, ensuring a straightforward transition to Bocas del Toro.

The shuttle journey ends at Isla Colon Water Taxi in Bocas del Toro Panamá by approximately 1:00 PM. In Almirante, a ready-to-go taxi boat will transfer passengers to the main island, Isla Colon. Upon arrival, passengers will find themselves at the heart of Isla Colón, conveniently located at a local Bocas agency.

The service includes essential features such as air conditioning and allows for one large suitcase or backpack and one handbag within the luggage allowance. Extra luggage, including surfboards and bikes, incurs a nominal additional cost. Pets are also allowed for an additional charge, with provisions for both small pets in carriers and big dogs.

Plan for an estimated travel duration of 4.5 hours, making it an efficient option for journeying between these popular Panama destinations.

Activity highlights
Type of activity

Local Shared Shuttle


Every day

Start time

8:15 AM

Estimated duration (hrs.)

4.5 Hours

Door to door service?


Departure locations

Boquete Panama

Arrival locations

Bocas del Toro Panamá


Air conditioning


Rest stop


Water taxi

What to bring

small snacks



Luggage allowance

1 handbag


One large suitcase or backpack or duffle bag (max. 50 lbs / 23 kg)

Extra luggage policy

Additional backpack US$ 7.00


Bike US$ 7.00


Surfboard US$ 7.00

Pet policy

Allowed Pets (carrier only) – US$ 16.00


Big Dog – US$ 25.00

Cancellation policy

Changes or cancellations can be made up to 48 hours before departure

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