Shuttle Copan Ruins to El Tunco Beach

Travel comfortably from Copan Ruins to El Tunco Beach in an air-conditioned shuttle with border assistance. Perfect for a seamless journey!


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About this activity

This service offers a practical shuttle from Copan Ruins to El Tunco Beach, available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Travelers depart from downtown Copan Ruins at 11:00 AM and arrive at downtown hotels and hostels in either Tunco or Zonte Beach around 6:00 PM. Key features include air conditioning, border assistance, and options for extra luggage like surfboards or bikes for an additional fee. Make sure to bring small snacks and water. Passengers should have a valid passport and CA4 visa for smooth travel.

Activity highlights
Type of activity

International Shared Shuttle







Start time

11:00 AM

Estimated duration (hrs.)

7.0 Hours

Departure locations

Copan Ruins Honduras

Arrival locations

Tunco beach, El Salvador


Zonte beach, El Salvador


Air conditioning


Border Assistance

What to bring

Small snacks and water.

Luggage allowance

1 backpack or Suitcase


1 handbag

Extra luggage policy

Additional backpack US$10.00


Bike US$10.00


Surfboard US$ 5.00

Pet policy

Not allowed

Cancellation policy

Changes or cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before departure

Required travel documents

Valid CA4 Visa


Valid Passport

Estimated border fees (Not included)

Citizens of some countries must pay US$ 12.00 for a tourist card to enter El Salvador, more information at this link:


You could be asked to pay $1 – $3 per person at Honduras – Guatemala border.