Shuttle Belize City to Flores

Convenient and comfortable shuttle service from Belize City to Flores with air conditioning and border assistance included. Book now for a hassle-free journey!


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About this activity

Experience smooth travel from Belize City to Flores with this practical shuttle service, available every day. Starting at Belize City with a pickup at the Atlanta Store in San Pedro water taxi terminal, travelers later board at Belmopan bus terminal. This reliable service helps navigate the journey with border assistance and necessary document checks. Arrivals include El Remate, dropping off at Restaurante Las Gardenias around 5:30 PM, and Flores island at the Yo Amo Peten sign around 6:00 PM.

During the trip, passengers should expect potential delays due to border controls, potentially up to two hours. The journey may include a brief stop at Santa Elena for restroom use and ATM access. Extra luggage is permitted with additional costs, and travelers should bring water and snacks to stay refreshed.

With a baggage allowance of one backpack or suitcase and one handbag, this practical service ensures travelers can transport their essentials effortlessly. Pets are allowed under specific conditions. Although the shuttle’s duration is around six hours, the occasional delay is possible.

This practical service is an efficient way to connect key locations, providing a straightforward travel option for explorers heading to Guatemala from Belize.

Activity highlights
Type of activity

International Shared Shuttle


Every day

Start time

12:00 PM

Estimated duration (hrs.)

6.0 Hours

Door to door service?


Departure locations

Belize City

Arrival locations

Flores island Guatemala


Air conditioning,Border Assistance

What to bring

Water,Small snacks

Luggage allowance

1 backpack or suitcase,1 handbag

Extra luggage policy

Surfboard Q75,Bike Q 100,Additional backpack Q75

Pet policy


Cancellation policy

Changes or cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before departure

Estimated border fees (Not included)

You need to pay Belize exit fee in cash only $40.00 (Belize dollars) or US$ 20.00 (US dollars).

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