Shuttle plus Boat from Tunco beach to Leon

Embark on a seamless adventure from Tunco Beach to Leon with a scenic boat ride and air-conditioned shuttle. Book your journey today!


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About this activity

**Shuttle + boat from Tunco beach to Leon**

This service provides a practical and efficient travel experience from El Salvador to Nicaragua. Starting from El Tunco, El Zonte, or La Libertad, travelers are picked up from their hotels or hostels and journey towards Leon, Nicaragua. The booking process is straightforward and ensures all necessary arrangements for a seamless trip.

Each destination offers its own unique highlights. The journey begins in the vibrant beach towns of El Tunco, El Zonte, and La Libertad, known for their surf culture and lively atmospheres. In Nicaragua, the service stops at Aposentillo, a tranquil coastal village; Jiquilillo, known for its scenic beaches; Chinandega, a hub with rich cultural heritage; and concludes in Leon, a city famous for its historical landmarks and colorful streets.

Travelers should prepare for a shared boat and shuttle experience, bringing essentials like snacks, water, and sunscreen. Important travel documents include a valid passport, CA4 Visa, and an online pre-verification form for Nicaragua. While this service provides convenience and border assistance, it’s designed with practicality in mind, ensuring an efficient journey without focusing on luxury. The luggage allowance is sufficient for most needs but comes with additional costs for extra items. Understanding that this service aims to offer a reliable transit option will help set realistic expectations for a smooth and effective travel experience.

Activity highlights
Type of activity

Shared Boat







Start time

La Libertad 3:30 AM


Tunco beach 3:30 AM


Zonte beach 3:30 AM

Estimated duration (hrs.)

12.0 Hours

Door to door service?

Door to door

Departure locations

La Libertad El Salvador


El Tunco El Salvador


El Zonte El Salvador

Arrival locations

Aposentillo Nicaragua


Chinandega Nicaragua


Jiquilillo Nicaragua


Leon Nicaragua




Shuttle with air conditioning

What to bring



small snacks


sun glasses





Luggage allowance

1 backpack or Suitcase


1 handbag

Extra luggage policy

Additional backpack US$10.00


Additional backpack US$5.00


Bike US$20.00


Surfboard US$10.00

Pet policy

Not allowed

Cancellation policy

Changes or cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before departure

Required travel documents

Online pre-verification form to enter Nicaragua


Valid CA4 Visa


Valid Passport

Estimated border fees (Not included)

All passengers need $12 – $15 approx. per person in cash (Us dollars only)

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