Shuttle San Pedro la Laguna to Paredon beach

Shuttle San Pedro la Laguna to Paredon beach

Travel seamlessly with our Shared Shuttle from San Pedro la Laguna to Paredon beach. Air-conditioned comfort, partial door-to-door service, and more await!


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Discover a practical and convenient travel solution with this shared shuttle service from San Pedro la Laguna to Paredon beach in Guatemala. Available every day, this service simplifies your travel plans, making your journey seamless and straightforward. The departure is scheduled from a meeting point on Embarcadero Street at 2:00 PM, and you’ll arrive at hotels and hostels in the center of Paredon beach around 5:00 PM. San Pedro la Laguna, a vibrant town on Lake Atitlán known for its stunning views and cultural richness, is a perfect starting point. Upon arrival at Paredon beach, you’ll find a serene and picturesque coastal area ideal for relaxation and exploration. The shuttle offers a luggage allowance, including one backpack or suitcase and one handbag, ensuring you have what you need without extra hassle. Additional luggage such as surfboards or bikes can be carried for an extra fee. For the journey, bring along water and snacks for your comfort. The shuttle is equipped with air conditioning to ensure a pleasant ride. Please note that pets are not allowed, and cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours before the start time. This service is your reliable and efficient choice for traveling between these two stunning Guatemalan destinations.

Service highlights
Type of Service Local Shared Shuttle
Availability Every day
Start time 02:00 PM
Estimated duration 3.0 Hours
Door to door service? Partial
Departure locations San Pedro la Laguna Guatemala
Arrival locations Paredon beach Guatemala
Amenities Air conditioning
What to bring Water,snacks
Luggage allowance 1 backpack or suitcase and 1 handbag
Extra luggage Surfboard Q115,Bike Q115,Additional backpack Q115
Pet Policy Not allowed
Cancellation policy Changes or cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before departure