Shuttle Tunco beach to Copan Ruinas


This is a shared tourist transportation service from El Salvador to Honduras. Shuttles are the fastest, easiest way to travel in Central América

About this service

This transportation service includes pick-up at hostels in downtown and drop-off at hostels in dowtown. Shuttles are the fastest and easiest way to travel between tourist places in Central America. This shuttle travels 2 hours within Guatemala.

Locations in this route:

  • Tunco beach
  • Sunzal beach
  • Zonte beach
  • Copan Ruinas

More details

Type of Service



Mon, Wed, Fri

Start time

3:30 AM

Estimated duration

6.0 Hours

Departure location

, ,

Pick up place

Hotels, Hostels in downtown

Arrival location

Drop off place

Hotels, Hostels in downtown

Estimated border fees (Not included)



Air conditioning, Border Assistance


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Shuttle Tunco beach to Copan Ruinas