Shuttle Antigua Guatemala to Ruta de Flores

Shuttle Antigua Guatemala to Ruta de Flores

Seamlessly travel from Antigua to Ruta de Flores with AC and border assistance. Enjoy door-to-door service for an effortless journey. Book online today!


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About this activity

This service provides daily transportation from Antigua Guatemala to Ruta de Flores in El Salvador. Key features include air conditioning and border assistance. The shuttle departs from downtown Antigua at 9:45 AM, arriving at Concepcion Ataco and Juayua around 3:30 PM. Travelers are advised to bring small snacks and water. The service permits one backpack or suitcase and one handbag, with additional luggage incurring extra costs. Valid passports and CA4 visas are required. Pets are not allowed.

Service highlights
Type of Service International Shared Shuttle
Availability Every day
Start time 9:45 AM
Estimated duration 5.0 Hours
Door to door service? Door to door
Departure locations Antigua Guatemala
Arrival locations Concepcion Ataco El Salvador , Juayua El Salvador
Amenities Air conditioning , Border Assistance
What to bring small snacks , Water
Luggage allowance 1 backpack or Suitcase , 1 handbag
Extra luggage Additional backpack US$5.00 , Bike US$15.00 , Surfboard US$5.00
Pet Policy Not allowed
Cancellation policy Changes or cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before departure
Required travel documents Valid CA4 Visa , Valid Passport
Estimated border fees (Not included) Citizens of some countries must pay US$ 12.00 for a tourist card to enter El Salvador , US$ 1.00 per passenger from the immigration office to process pre checks