Discover the enchanting city of Granada, Nicaragua, a top tourist destination boasting a rich colonial heritage and natural beauty. Explore iconic attractions like the Islets of Granada, Iglesia de La Merced, Mombacho Volcano, and the mesmerizing Granada Cathedral. Stroll down the vibrant Calle La Calzada, revel in the city’s colonial architecture, and indulge in its excellent dining and nightlife. Our website also offers a comprehensive list of shuttles and tours available for booking, ensuring you experience the best of Granada.

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Shuttle Granada to Leon


Seamlessly travel from Granada to Leon with our air-conditioned, daily shuttle service. Enjoy door-to-door convenience for a comfortable, hassle-free journey.

Shuttle Granada to San Juan del Sur


Effortless daily shuttle from Granada to San Juan del Sur with air conditioning and door-to-door service.

Shuttle Granada to San Jorge


Convenient shared shuttle from Granada to San Jorge. Enjoy air conditioning and a comfortable ride.

Shuttle Granada to Managua


Effortlessly travel between Granada and Managua with our comfortable, air-conditioned shuttle. Daily departures and partial door-to-door service included.