Discover the enchanting city of Palenque, México, a top tourist destination rich in history and natural beauty. Located in the heart of Chiapas, this site is renowned for its stunning Mayan ruins, including the Temple of the Inscriptions and the Palace, set against the backdrop of lush jungle scenery. Adventure seekers can explore the Misol-Ha and Agua Azul waterfalls, ideal for hiking and photography. The nearby Palenque International Airport makes access easy, connecting travelers to this historical gem. Our website offers a convenient selection of shuttles and tours to ensure you experience the best of Palenque. From guided tours of the ancient city to day trips to the waterfalls, we’ve got you covered. Book your adventure today and uncover the secrets of this Mayan marvel.

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Shuttle Palenque to Flores Island


Travel from Palenque to Flores Island in comfort with our air-conditioned shuttle. Bring water, snacks, and your passport for an international adventure.