Comprehensive Guide for Tourists: Document Registration and Payment for Mexico Travel (Updated as of January 8, 2024)

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Introduction: Get ready for your Mexico trip with our updated guide, ensuring you're well-informed about the document registration and payment processes, as well as the new FMMd procedures.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Accessing the INM Platform:

  2. Creating an Account:

    • Register and verify your email.
    • Use "Recuperar cuenta" for account recovery.
  3. Registering Documents:

    • Upload a passport photo or image.
    • Parents or guardians must register for minors.
  4. Entering Travel Details:

    • Provide your contact and travel information.
  5. Migration Control and Documentation:

    • Answer required questions and attach documents as needed.
  6. Finalizing Registration:

    • Review, submit, and download your QR code confirmation.
  7. Online Payment for FMME:

    • Follow the payment steps on the INM portal.
    • Print your payment receipt after completion.

For Travelers Exiting Mexico:

  • If you've already registered your documents on the INM portal, simply download and present them upon departure.

Understanding the FMMd:

  • Simplified Entry Procedure: The INM has introduced new immigration stamps, making the FMM form unnecessary.
  • E-GATES for Eligible Travelers: These automatic migration filters are for adults traveling for tourism from specific countries and Mexican citizens with an electronic passport, providing a ticket to confirm regular stay.
  • Optional FMMd Download: Travelers seeking legal certainty can download the FMMd within 60 days of entering Mexico by scanning the QR code at immigration review filters or via the INM portal.

General Information on FMMd: For a more comprehensive understanding of the FMMd, visit FMMD INFO.

Key Points:

  • Repeat travelers need not fill out the form again but must present it upon departure.
  • A maximum of 10 documents per account, restricted to immediate family members.

FAQs and Troubleshooting:

  • Detailed guidance on pre-registration, login issues, and payment procedures.

Useful Resources (All content available only in Spanish):

Conclusion: This guide, with the latest updates including information on the FMMd, will help ensure your travel documents and procedures for Mexico are up-to-date. Enjoy a hassle-free journey!