Panajachel, a hidden gem in Guatemala, offers a breathtaking fusion of natural beauty and vibrant culture. Nestled by Lake Atitlán and surrounded by majestic volcanoes, Panajachel is the perfect gateway for adventure and relaxation. Tourists can indulge in activities like kayaking, hiking, visiting traditional Mayan villages, or exploring vibrant local markets. Experience the tranquility of the lake or the thrill of zip-lining through lush forests. Panajachel’s beauty is complemented by convenient travel solutions, with a wide array of shuttles and tours available for booking right here on our site. Discover the essence of Guatemala and embark on an unforgettable journey in Panajachel.

Shuttle Panajachel to Antigua Guatemala


Efficient daily shuttle from Panajachel to Antigua Guatemala with air conditioning, hotel pickup, and room for extra luggage.

Shuttle Panajachel to Coban – Lanquin


Swift, air-conditioned shuttle from Panajachel to Coban and Lanquin. Bring water and snacks for the journey and enjoy partial door-to-door service!

Shuttle Panajachel to Guatemala city


Comfortable shared shuttle service from Panajachel to Guatemala City. Air conditioning included. Multiple departure times available daily.

Shuttle Panajachel to San Cristobal de las Casas


Panajachel to San Cristobal shuttle with meal stops, air conditioning, and border assistance. Comfortable and convenient international travel.

Shuttle Panajachel to El Paredon beach


Comfortable shuttle service from Panajachel to El Paredon beach with air conditioning and restroom stops on demand. Ideal for beachgoers!

Shuttle Panajachel to Santa Ana


Experience a seamless, door-to-door international shuttle from Panajachel to Santa Ana with air conditioning, border assistance, and a breakfast stop in Antigua.

Shuttle Panajachel to Quetzaltenango


Embark on a comfortable, door-to-door shuttle journey from Panajachel to Quetzaltenango, with convenient pick-ups and drop-offs at central locations.