Discover the enchanting beauty of Lanquin, Guatemala, a prime tourist destination boasting a myriad of attractions. Dive into the turquoise waters of Semuc Champey, explore the mystic Lanquin Caves, and marvel at the cascading El Cabro Waterfall. Experience the thrill of the Canopy Guayaha and immerse yourself in the lush landscapes overlooking the jungle. As you plan your adventure, take advantage of our comprehensive list of shuttles and tours available for booking, ensuring a seamless journey through this tropical paradise.

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Shuttle Lanquin to Flores


Travel from Lanquin to Flores in comfort with our local shared shuttle. Enjoy air conditioning and daily departures for an effortless journey. Book now!

Shuttle Lanquin to Panajachel


Comfortable shuttle from Lanquin to Panajachel with AC and meal stops. Book now for an easy travel experience!

Shuttle Lanquin to Antigua Guatemala


Shuttle from Lanquin to Antigua Guatemala with air conditioning, scenic views, and daily departures. Book your journey for an unforgettable travel experience.