frequently ask questions


– **How can I book a shuttle, tour, boat?**
To book a service, click on the “BOOK HERE” button on our website. From there, select an available date from the calendar and an available pickup time. Type or select your pick up and drop off locations and enter the quantity of seats you need. Then, press the “BOOK NOW” button and continue to the checkout page.

– **What are the accepted payment methods?**
For your reservation, we accept Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, or PayPal. You will be directed to select your preferred payment method at the checkout page.

– **Is it possible to book multiple seats at once?**
Yes, you can enter the quantity of seats you wish to book when filling out the booking form on our website.

– **Can I choose my pick up and drop off locations?**
Yes, during the booking process you can type in or select your preferred pick up and drop off locations.

– **Can I choose the date and time of my shuttle service?**
Yes, you can select an available date from the calendar and a suitable pick up time during the booking process. Please note that availability might vary depending on the date and time.

**Cash on Arrival: Can I make a reservation and pay in cash on the day of my trip?**
Unfortunately, you can’t make a reservation and pay in cash on the day of your trip.

**Luggage Policy: What can I bring on Collective shuttles, Private transfers, and Boat services?**
As a passenger, you’re allowed one backpack and one handbag. Additional luggage may incur charges based on various factors.

**Additional Luggage Charges: How do I pay for them?**
Additional luggage charges can be paid directly to the driver in cash on the day of your trip.

**Office Location: Where can I find you?**
Our main office is in the vibrant San Salvador city, El Salvador.

**Online Booking: Can I book your services from anywhere?**
Absolutely! All our services can be booked online from any place, at any time through our website.

**Pets Policy: Can I bring my furry friends on the shuttles?**
While we love pets, they are not allowed on international shuttles due to immigration rules. On national shuttles, they are allowed but must be in their own cage and might require an extra seat.

**Booking Timeframe: How far in advance can I book?**
Feel free to book anytime as there is no time limit for advance booking. But it’s best to book at least 12 hours before the start time as shuttles might get full.

**Cash Payments: Can I pay in cash for my booking?**
We don’t accept cash for bookings. Please use our online payment methods: debit/credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay, and GooglePay.

**Cancellation: What if I need to cancel a service I’ve booked?**
You have the flexibility to cancel any service at any time.

**Refund Policy: What if I cancel a service?**
If you cancel a service at least 24 hours before the start time, we’ll process a refund within 3-5 business days. Late cancellations will not be refunded.

**Refund of Payment Processing Fees: Are they returnable?**
We’re afraid payment processing fees are non-refundable. They’re currently 20% of any payment made on our platforms.

**Cancellation or Refund Requests: How do I go about it?**
Please send us the Update and Cancellation forms available at our website for any cancellation or refund requests.

**Refunds: How will I receive my refund?**
All refunds are sent back to the payment method you used at checkout. The timing depends on your bank or payment method’s policies.

**Store Credit Option: Can I opt to receive a refund as store credit instead?**
Yes! Instead of a refund to your payment method, you can have the entire amount as Store Credit. This credit can be used for booking any service on our platforms and is valid for one year.

**Late Cancellations: What if I cancel a service less than 24 hours before the start time?**
Late cancellations (less than 24 hours before start time) will not be refunded as the payment is considered as an administration fee.

**Refund Processing Time: How long does it take?**
We aim to process refunds in the next 3-5 business days after the request is made. However, the time it takes to reflect in your account depends on your bank or payment method’s policies.

**Central American Shuttles: What are they?**
Shuttles in Central America are shared transportation services typically provided by vans or small buses. They transport passengers between popular tourist destinations, airports, hotels, and other essential locations.

**The Shuttle Advantage: Why should I consider using a shuttle?**
Shuttles are convenient and cost-effective, especially for tourists and travelers seeking reliable transportation. They follow set routes and schedules, making it easier to move between cities, towns, and attractions.

**Seating and Comfort: What can I expect from shuttle services in Central America?**
Shuttle services are designed to accommodate multiple passengers with pre-bookable or reservable seats. They typically provide comfortable seating, air conditioning, and sometimes even Wi-Fi onboard, ensuring a pleasant journey.

**Travel Convenience: How do shuttles simplify travel in Central America?**
Using shuttles in Central America eliminates the need to navigate public transportation systems or rent a car. They offer a reliable door-to-door service, picking up passengers from their specified locations and dropping them off at their desired destinations.

**Exploring the Region: Can shuttles help me explore Central America better?**
Absolutely! Whether you’re traveling within a country or crossing borders between different Central American countries, shuttles provide a handy option for exploring the region’s diverse landscapes, cultural sites, and natural wonders.

**Booking a Shuttle: What should I consider?**
Specific shuttle services may vary in terms of routes, pricing, and amenities offered. Always research and book with reputable shuttle companies for a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

**What’s the estimated pickup time for shared shuttles?**
The scheduled pickup time for shared shuttles is an estimate, with a potential variance of up to 30 minutes. Be at your pickup location at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time, as the shuttle waits for a maximum of 5 minutes. Not being on time could result in the shuttle leaving without you and no refund will be provided.

**How do I handle changing departure and arrival times?**
Understand that departure and arrival times can change due to unforeseen circumstances. We aim to notify clients of any changes as far in advance as possible.

**How can I modify my reservation?**
The drivers are not authorized to alter reservations. Disruptions from unauthorized changes via drivers are not the responsibility of Gekko Trails Explorer. For changes, contact our online customer service.

**What travel documents do I need in international services?**
All travelers need to present proper documentation at each border crossing, including a passport with at least six months remaining validity.

**Who handles immigration requirements?**
Clients are responsible for complying with immigration regulations when entering each country.

**What are border fees?**
Border fees, which are not included in ticket prices, need to be paid in cash at each crossing point. These fees can change without prior notice.

**What is your luggage policy?**
The standard luggage allowance consists of one handbag and one backpack. Additional or oversized luggage may incur extra charges at our discretion.

**Can I carry a surfboard?**
Surfboards are considered additional luggage and may incur extra charges. They must be securely packed in damage-absorbent material, and their maximum length should not exceed 2 meters. Improperly packaged surfboards are not our responsibility.

**What is prohibited in the minibus?**
Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, carrying of illegal substances, flammable materials and firearms inside the minibus are strictly prohibited.

**What if I am denied entry into the shuttle?**
We reserve the right to deny boarding to individuals who appear intoxicated or otherwise incapable of reasonable actions.

**What happens if a shuttle vehicle is damaged?**
In the event of damage to a vehicle or any other unexpected incident, we reserve the right to substitute with another vehicle (owned by us or a partner) that meets basic passenger transportation standards.

**What happens to items left behind in the shuttle?**
While we cannot be held responsible for any personal items left behind, we will make every reasonable effort to locate and return found items. Any costs associated with the return of items will be charged to the client.

**How are currency exchange rates determined?**
The conversion rate from US dollars to local currency for the calculation of outstanding balances will be determined by the operator on the day of each trip.

– **How can I get a discount code?**
You can obtain a discount code if you have requested a Store Credit Code. This usually happens when a trip is cancelled or during specific promotions featured on our website.

– **What is the validity of the Store Credit Code?**
The Store Credit Code is valid for up to one year from the date of issue.

– **Can I use the Store Credit Code for any service?**
Yes, the Store Credit Code can be used to book any service listed on our website.

– **How can I use my Store Credit Code?**
During the checkout process, you’ll see a field where you can enter your discount code. Simply type in your Store Credit Code and the discount will be applied to your booking.

– **What happens if my trip is cancelled?**
In the event of a trip cancellation, you may be eligible for a Store Credit Code, which can be used for future bookings on our website.

– **Do you offer promotions on your website?**
Yes, we periodically offer promotions on our website. Keep an eye out for these, as they may provide an opportunity to request a Store Credit Code for a discount.