Traslado León a La Ceiba


Efficient shared shuttle service from Leon to La Ceiba with comfortable amenities.

Descripción general:

This shuttle service offers a reliable and comfortable journey from Leon, Nicaragua to La Ceiba, Honduras. Travelers can expect air-conditioned vehicles, assistance at the border, and convenient restroom stops on demand.

Horarios, Lugares de Recogida, Lugares de Entrega:

Departing from Leon, Nicaragua at 2:00 AM, this shuttle service operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The estimated duration of the trip is 12 hours, arriving at the Utila ferry dock in Ceiba, Honduras by 3:30 PM.

Que esta incluido:

Travelers can enjoy air conditioning, meal stops, border assistance, comfortable headrests, and the flexibility of restroom stops on demand.

Que traer:

For a comfortable journey, it is recommended to bring water, small snacks, and any personal items that may be needed during the trip.

Equipaje permitido:

Each passenger may bring one backpack and one handbag without incurring additional charges.

Equipaje adicional:

Additional luggage such as a surfboard can be accommodated for US$10.00, a bike for US$20.00, or an extra backpack for US$10.00.

Documentos de viaje requeridos:

Passengers must carry a passport valid for more than 6 months. Photos of documents must be submitted before travel.

Restricciones por COVID:

Actualmente no hay requisitos de Covid para ingresar a Honduras.

Tarifas fronterizas estimadas:

A cash payment of approximately $5 – $8 per person is required for border taxes. It’s common not to receive a receipt for this payment.


Pets are not allowed on this shuttle service, ensuring a comfortable experience for all passengers.

Actualizaciones y Cancelaciones:

Changes or cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure.


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