Traslado de Flores Petén a Río Dulce

Traslado de Flores Petén a Río Dulce

Effortless shuttle from Flores Petén to Rio Dulce with air conditioning. Enjoy a smooth, comfortable journey every day!


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About this activity

Experience a hassle-free journey with this efficient shuttle service from Flores Island to Rio Dulce. Departing daily at 6:00 AM, the service ensures you reach your destination by 11:00 AM. Travelers should meet at the “Yo Amo Petén” sign in Flores Island and will be dropped off at Colifato Café in Rio Dulce. Enjoy perks like air conditioning while adhering to a luggage allowance of one backpack or suitcase plus a handbag. Remember to bring water and snacks for the 5-hour journey.

Service highlights
Tipo de servicio Local Shared Shuttle
Disponibilidad Cada día
Hora de inicio 6:00 AM
Duración estimada 5,0 horas
Door to door service? No
Departure locations Flores Island Guatemala
Arrival locations Río Dulce Guatemala
Comodidades Aire acondicionado
What to bring Agua, pequeños bocadillos
Luggage allowance 1 backpack or Suitcase, 1 handbag
Extra luggage Tabla de surf Q75, Bicicleta Q100, Mochila adicional Q75
Pet Policy Allowed: Guide dogs only, dogs in their cage and must pay half a ticket
Cancellation policy Changes or cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before departure