Just 37 kilometers from San Salvador, Playa El Tunco has become a favorite destination spot for those looking for fun, sun, sea, nightlife and some of the best waves for surfing. A unique rock and a river mouth makes up the setting for some of the best sunrises in the pacific where surfers from around the globe gather to master this sport.

During the last few years Playa El Tunco has been known as one of the most famous beaches in our country and it is mostly visited by tourists. Its magic and enchantment makes of it a very special and attractive place to be for all kind of guests. Inside the community there are many hotels with different prices and hostels for backpackers and guests with low budget; there are also restaurants, bars with musical guests that play live music on weekends, travel agencies and little surf shops that work as cyber coffees too.

The beach is well known for its parties every weekend there is live music from different genres: from rock concerts, reggae and salsa. El Tunco has several bars and restaurants, many visitors also choose to turn bonfires on the beach and spend the night under the stars.

Playa El Tunco’s main activity is surf; which is why it offers many options for surfers of all kind of levels. Next to Playa El Tunco is Playa El Sunzal; Playa El Sunzal is a classic right point break with long lines, perfect for long boards and for surfers that wish to improve it skills. In the other hand; next to Playa El Tunco is La Bocana, which is the most furious left in El Salvador, it is a fast wave with tubular sections, ideal for dared experienced surfers. Between La Bocana and El Sunzal are 2 beach breaks: El Sunzalito and La Bocanita, these two get in perfect conditions mostly in high tide.

For $ 10 an hour, you may ride your first waves with the help of local surfers who are eager to teach you. No need to carry or buy a board. At El Tunco you will find several options for rent, usually for $20 dollars a day.