Boat Service in the Gulf of Fonseca

Explore the breath-taking sights of Central America with our shared boat service navigating between La Union, El Salvador, and Potosi, Nicaragua. This unique experience bridges the gap between two vibrant cultures and landscapes, offering passengers an intimate perspective on the beauty of these regions. But the journey doesn’t stop there; our service can be seamlessly combined with local shared shuttles in El Salvador and Nicaragua. This addition expands your adventure to include the historic cities of Leon and Chinandega in Nicaragua and the mesmerizing beaches of El Tunco and El Cuco along with the bustling city life in San Salvador, El Salvador. Our service prioritizes your convenience and exploration goals, ensuring you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Central American culture, history, and nature.

Category: Boat Service in the Gulf of Fonseca

Boat plus shuttle from El Salvador to Nicaragua

$60.00 + Shuttle

Seamless boat and shuttle transport from El Salvador to Nicaragua with border assistance and lifejacket included.

Boat plus Shuttle from Nicaragua to El Salvador

$60.00 + Shuttle

Shared boat and shuttle service connecting Nicaragua with various destinations in El Salvador.