Discover the enchanting allure of Tunco Beach in El Salvador, a prime tourist destination renowned for its captivating activities. Dive into the thrilling world of surfing and catch your first wave, or embark on a serene journey with yoga sessions by the beach. Explore the mesmerizing Tamanique waterfalls and the iconic El Tunco caves, offering a unique blend of nature’s wonders. As the sun sets, indulge in the local delicacy of Pupusas and witness the breathtaking view of the horizon. Our platform also provides a comprehensive list of shuttles and tours available for reservation, ensuring a seamless travel experience for every adventurer. Dive into the magic of Tunco Beach and craft memories that last a lifetime.

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Boat plus shuttle from El Salvador to Nicaragua

$60.00 + Shuttle

Seamless boat and shuttle transport from El Salvador to Nicaragua with border assistance and lifejacket included.

Shuttle Tunco Beach to Leon


Comfortable shuttle service from Tunco Beach to Leon with meal stops and border assistance.

Shuttle Tunco beach to Antigua Guatemala


Efficient shared shuttle service from Tunco Beach to Antigua with border assistance and air conditioning.

Shuttle Tunco beach to Copan Ruinas


Convenient shuttle service from Tunco beach in El Salvador to Copan Ruinas in Honduras.

Shuttle Tunco beach to Paredon beach


Comfortable shuttle service between Tunco and Paredon beaches with convenient amenities.

Shuttle Tunco beach to Ruta de Flores


Effortless shuttle from Tunco Beach to the scenic Ruta de Flores with convenient hotel pickups.